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City of Omaha - Nebraska

Greater Omaha After School AllianceOmaha, Nebraska

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What is GOASA?

The Greater Omaha After School Alliance is a network used to help provide resources for youth, parents, and interested stakeholders as well as after school program providers and youth development providers.

GOASA strives to:

  1. Support a communication network for after school and youth development opportunities.
  2. Serve as a liaison between the out-of-school time intermediary organization, Collective for Youth and the Mayor’s Office.
  3. Provide resources and information to youth, parents, after school providers and community residents.
  4. Highlight what after school programs are doing.


GOASA Mission Statement

To organize, expand, and improve the existing after school opportunities for the youth of Omaha by creating an alliance of quality program providers.

This is a multi-year initiative that aims to align the efforts of schools, after school and out-of-school programs, as well as other essential youth services, in order to ensure that Omaha's youth receive the support they need during out-of-school hours. It is not the intention to create new programs, but rather to utilize and build on the existing assets in the community. It is also believed that by building on the success of your program and others like it, we can improve our already excellent youth programs. GOASA is led by the Office of the Mayor.

See what Mayor Stothert says here!

The benefits of GOASA to the parents and the youth:

GOASA strives to provide parents and youth with information on afterschool and summer programs. Along with the After School Resource Guide and Summer Resource Guide (which outline the numerous benefits of specific programs in Omaha), information on how to select a program can be found here.

A huge, and often overlooked, resource for students is the information on homework help. A number of different websites can be found on both this website and the Omaha Public Library’s Website. Information on how to access live online homework help can be found here.

We encourage you to visit our Resources and Links page to find numerous websites and resources for parents to use.

The benefits of GOASA to after school programs:

GOASA works to provide up to date grant opportunities as well as training opportunities for after school program providers. The topics covered range from encouraging youth involvement in after school programs, to resolving conflict, to building community. Our Professional Development page includes a list of previous trainings that have been offered, information on upcoming trainings, and the ability to register for trainings online.

GOASA works closely with Collective for Youth to bring together the Greater Omaha Area’s out-of-school time programs. Through the partnership, the City of Omaha and Collective for Youth work to provide out-of-school time programs with resources and opportunities.

A popular resource for after school programs, parents and community members is the GOASA email list serve. These emails provide information on opportunities for trainings, grants, and community events as well as general news about after school programs. Visit our Contact Us page to sign up.


Contact in the Mayor’s Office

Barb Farho, the Director of Community Relations and Youth Development, is in charge of working with community members to provide for the needs of our youth. Barb also distributes information via email, to benefit and share information with after school programs and families. This list serve provides information about community events, professional development opportunities, and grant resources in the Greater Omaha Area. (For information on joining our list serve, visit our Contact Us page.)

 In addition to the work she does for GOASA, Barb also serves on Collective for Youth’s Board of Directors, working as a direct liaison between the two offices. Together, the two offices plan professional development opportunities and connect city resources with after school programs.

Please feel free to explore this site, as well as the Collective for Youth website, to see all the resources offered.

If you have any question please contact Barb at (402)444-5151 or by email through the Contact Us page.

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